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Standard Register

Joseph P. Morgan, Jr.

Standard Register

President and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph P. Morgan, Jr. was appointed president and chief executive officer of Standard Register in January 2009. He was also elected to a seat on SR’s Board of Directors. Morgan is responsible for championing the growth of the company as an industry-leading document services provider.

Prior to serving as acting CEO from September 2008, Morgan served as executive vice president and chief operating officer, from April to September 2008, with responsibility for driving execution on operational strategy and ensuring achievement of growth targets through SR’s direct and alternative sales channels.

Previously Morgan held the role of managing Standard Register’s On Demand Solutions Group, in addition to serving as chief technology officer for the company. He became CTO in 2003. He began with SR as president and chief executive officer of SMARTworks in 2001. Prior to joining SMARTworks, he served as president of, where he led the creation of an online logistic management solution.

Morgan previously served as president and chairman of the board of Sony Chemical Corporation of America, where he led the company through the start-up and development of its first integrated manufacturing operation outside of Japan. He has also served in an executive position with FLEXcon, a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film products and labeling materials.

Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., a bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA from Clark University in Worcester.
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