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Bricker & Eckler LLP

Kurtis A. Tunnell

Bricker & Eckler LLP

Managing Partner

Kurt Tunnell is the managing partner of Bricker & Eckler LLP. He also chairs the Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics groups. Kurt has unique expertise in the development and operation of legislative coalitions to advocate public policy goals through the Ohio General Assembly, including service as legislative and legal counsel to the over 200-member Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice which has advocated dramatic and comprehensive tort reform initiatives including medical criteria for asbestos, silica and mixed dust cases. He has significant experience before the Ohio General Assembly and the Administration in representing trade associations and business coalitions in complex and technical public policy debates to develop and implement strategies for the successful enactment of legislation.

Kurt led the legislative initiatives which have reduced and broadened the insurance premium tax, applied Ohio's tax abatement law to all electric generation facilities and eliminated the tax on prescription pharmaceutical samples. He assisted in the development of a coalition of advanced energy companies, including solar, wind and biomass businesses, to advocate adoption of a renewable energy portfolio standard in Ohio.

He has extensive experience in and a practical understanding of the executive branch of State government, including the Governor's office, all major departments and agencies, and the significant Ohio boards and commissions. His practice emphasizes Ohio governmental ethics and election laws, petition and ballot issues, formation and development of corporate political action committees, utilization of alternative dispute resolution in a governmental context, and he is an active appellate advocate for trade associations filing numerous amicus briefs in federal and state courts on behalf of insurance, manufacturing and other business interests.

Kurt serves as legislative Counsel to the Association of Ohio Life Insurance Companies, as general counsel and Parliamentarian to the Ohio Republican Party, as general counsel to the Ohio Manufacturers' Association, as counsel for the American Insurance Association in Ohio, as special Ohio counsel to the National Federation of Independent Business and as special Ohio counsel to the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. He served as Chief Legal Counsel to Ohio Governor Voinovich from 1991 to 1994 and was responsible for providing counsel on legal and policy matters to the Governor, chief of staff, and other members of the Governor's office, as well as directors of the administrative departments of state government.
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