Business Leadership to Build a Better Ohio

About Us

Comprised of the CEOs of the state’s largest and most influential business enterprises, the Ohio Business Roundtable is a catalyst for major systems change that improves Ohio’s competitiveness.


In 1992, we created the Ohio Business Roundtable in the belief that business leaders in a pluralistic society should have an active and effective role in the formulation and evaluation of public policy. For 20 years, we have fostered a collaborative and constructive bond between Ohio’s private- and public-sector leaders that results in a better, stronger, more prosperous Ohio for all citizens in the state. One of the initial driving forces behind the formation of the BRT in 1992 was then-Governor George V. Voinovich, who suggested the need for a single, unified voice representing the state’s principal business leaders – and recognized the powerful promise of the vision and leadership such a body could provide to state policy makers.

Who We Are and What We Do

The BRT is a partnership of the chief executives of leading Ohio companies that collectively account for more than $1 trillion in annual revenues, $1 trillion in market value and $2.6 trillion in assets. Our members proudly employ 2.6 million men and women, invest hundreds of millions of dollars annually in combined charitable contributions and research and development, and generate billions of dollars in sales for small and medium-sized businesses that are part of our supply chain.


BRT CEOs are committed to working in a bipartisan manner with the Governor and other public leaders to build a better Ohio.

  • Our MISSION is to apply the knowledge, experience and insight of our CEO members, working in partnership with public leaders on a nonpartisan basis, to solve complex problems affecting Ohio’s overall social and economic vitality.
  • Our PURPOSE – and the reason we exist as an organization – is to improve competitiveness, as defined by “Ohio’s capacity to produce goods and services that succeed in global markets while boosting the real income of our citizens.”
  • Our CORE STRATEGY – and a fundamental tenet contributing to our success – is to focus attention on only the biggest impact challenges, which has resulted in the BRT addressing a select few critical issues since its inception in 1992.
  • Our BUSINESS MODEL is to catalyze major systems change by assembling a compelling fact base, conducting penetrating analysis, creating a sense of urgency, mobilizing CEOs and architecting the solutions that align best with the change vision.

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