Business Leadership to Build a Better Ohio

"I learned more about leadership in the Marines than I did in Harvard Business School. Leaders understand that it's essential to care more about your people than yourself. If you set the example, they will lift you up to heights."

A. Malachi Mixon III
Chairman of the Board
Invacare Corporation

"We often hear about leaders as great teachers, but great leaders are also great learners. Leaders need to learn from everyone around them. I have been fortunate to learn as much from colleagues who have worked for me as I have from those whom I have worked for."

George S. Barrett
Chairman and CEO
Cardinal Health

"The world is going to be drastically different for all of us five years from now, ten years from now. If we are curious, the opportunity and enormous challenge we have is to anticipate ourselves, our companies and our institutions into the future."

Leslie H. Wexner
Chairman and CEO
Limited Brands

"We define sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the world we leave for the future. Our sustainability efforts encompass our products, our operations and our people. We try to make it pretty simple and give our people the ability to embrace sustainability in everything we do."

Michael H. Thaman
Chairman and CEO
Owens Corning

"Competitiveness is doing what you do better than the next guy. Remember, though, the 'next guy' isn't standing still. Focus on operational excellence, innovation and attracting the best people you can possibly find to discover your own competitive edge."

Ward J. "Tim" Timken, Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO

"Effective leaders say what they mean, mean what they say, and do the right things for the right reasons. And they are consistent about what they do – they don’t waver just because the wind happens to be blowing a certain way."

Phillip R. Cox
Chairman of the Board
Cincinnati Bell

“I fully subscribe to the saying, 'Good leaders lead people where they want to go; great leaders lead people where they do not want to go, but must.'” 

John F. Barrett
Chairman, President  & CEO
Western & Southern Financial Group 

"Innovation is P&G's lifeblood, and it is the key for improving the quality of life for people in every part of the world."

Bob McDonald
Chairman, President and CEO
Procter & Gamble

"Sustainability isn't an autonomous program or initiative at Eaton. It's how we do business and it's an increasing part of our business success – developing customer solutions that drive sustainable growth around the globe."

Alexander M. Cutler
Retired CEO
Eaton Corporation

"The definition of leadership is bantered around, but to me it resonates through four key attributes: the courage to make the tough decision, often in the face of adversity; the passion to persist and sustain; the will to bring out the best in others; and the humility to deflect the credit."

Tanny Crane
President and CEO
Crane Group

"Innovation is what made American business the leader of the world. The strong desire to build new products and deliver better services continues to burn in thriving companies today."

Christopher M. Connor
Chairman and CEO
The Sherwin-Williams Company

"Economic well-being is fueled by innovation in science and technology – but of equal emphasis is the rate of innovation; the world is catching up to the U.S. and we need to include a sense of urgency and speed."

Jeffrey Wadsworth, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Battelle Memorial Institute

“Leaders are aspirational and realistic... confident in their teams' abilities to tackle challenges and opportunities.  They take pride in execution and are smart enough to know the collective capability of a team is more than the sum of the individuals.”

David L. Joyce
President and CEO
GE Aviation

CEO Leadership

Comprised of the CEOs of the state's largest and most influential business enterprises, the Ohio Business Roundtable is a catalyst for major systems change that improves Ohio’s competitiveness.

Priority Issues

Since its inception in 1992, the BRT has focused its work in six major policy areas: (1) Education and Workforce, (2) Economic Development, (3) Business Climate, (4) Healthcare, (5) Governance and Fiscal Policy, and (6) Energy Competitiveness.

Energy Competitiveness

Today, with new forces and opportunities reshaping Ohio's energy landscape, BRT leaders have come together to understand what these changes mean for the state and how to ensure Ohio is energy competitive. The BRT's "Improving Ohio's Energy Competitiveness" report and the comprehensive technical fact base that supports it tell a compelling story.

BRIGHT New Leaders for Ohio Schools

In 2014, the BRT created BRIGHT New Leaders for Ohio Schools in partnership with the State of Ohio and The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. BRIGHT is a leadership development initiative that recruits, trains and places proven, extraordinary leaders from education, business, military, government, philanthropy and nonprofits who want to make a difference in kids' lives. More details can be found in the BRIGHT Brochure.

Innovative Solutions

The BRT works in partnership with the Governor and legislative leaders to solve complex problems affecting Ohio’s overall social and economic vitality.

Ohio Business Roundtable MEMBER COMPANIES

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